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From Old (and modern) French orle, from ourler ‘to hem’, from a diminutive of Latin ora ‘edge’, probably from os, or- ‘mouth’.




  1. A bordure which runs around the outline of a shield without touching the edge.
    • 1819: In his hand he bore that singular “abacus”, or staff of office, with which Templars are usually represented, having at the upper end a round plate, on which was engraved the cross of the Order, inscribed within a circle or orle, as heralds term it. — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe



es-verb-form orlar
  1. The third-person singular of orlar in the imperative.

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Orle is a municipality in Croatia in Zagreb County. According to the 2001 census, there are 2,145 inhabitants, an absolute majority of which are Croats.
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